Rules & Recipes




Round 1

Batched Cocktail- Each contestant is required to bring in a batched cocktail, enough to serve 105 2oz portions. Batched cocktail will have a maximum of 6 ingredients while showcasing that night’s batched cocktail sponsor. This cocktail will be scored by our judges and count towards your final score. Additionally, it will be tasted and critiqued by the first 100 guests to arrive and prize will be given to the crowd favorite. Shaken will provide plastic cups for this portion.


Round 2

Classic Cocktail- Two contestants at a time will be given a mystery classic/modern classic cocktail (*see notes at the bottom). Contestants will have fifteen minutes using ingredients provided to make the designated classic and also a “riff” on it. For both the classic and the “riff”, each contestant will have to make 4 of each, one for each of the three judges and one for the photographer. Upon completion of cocktails, MC will have you explain what you made for the judges. Final two contestants will repeat the same process. The two highest scores (including the judges score from the batched cocktail) of the four will move on.


Round 3

Mystery Round- Final two contestants will compete head to head for 25 minutes. Each contestant will spin a mystery wheel. For example if contestant no. 1 spins the wheel and it lands on “no citrus” and contestant no. 2 spins the wheel and it lands on “no clear spirits”, both competitors have to make a cocktail with these restrictions. Upon completion of this, competitors will have access to their mystery bags which will include mystery ingredients. Competitors must use mystery ingredients in all cocktails from this point forward. If making more than one cocktail, you don’t need to include all three in the same drink. Mystery ingredients should be at the forefront of these cocktails. Competitors must make a minimum of two cocktails, spin the wheel cocktail (x4) and mystery cocktail (x4) in this round. Volume of cocktails only gives you an advantage in the event of a tie score.


*Classic/Modern Classic Cocktails-Will be chosen randomly from a list provided to all contestants. Each cocktail will be listed on the Shaken website.


Ingredients/Equipment-All necessary ingredients will be provided to include: spirits, assorted bitters and shrubs, fresh squeezed juices, syrups, agave nectar, eggs, fresh herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and glassware. Different venues will have different equipment (shakers, jiggers, muddlers, etc…) so we recommend brining your own bar tools much like a chef brings his own knifes to work. Do not bring glassware.


Download the official Shaken rules and recipes using the link below

Shaken Rules & Recipes


Cocktail Appearance and Perception:
The judges will be looking at the overall appearance of the cocktail. Is it appealing to the eye? Does it stand out from other cocktails? Does the overall appearance make sense?

Use of Secret Ingredient:
The judges will be looking for how well did the competitor utilize the secret ingredient? Was it simply used as a garnish, was it broken down and used various ways to help compliment the cocktail rather then just thrown in or as a simple garnish.

The judges will be looking for the overall aroma of the cocktail. Is the odor appealing and help stimulate it’s consumption or is the odor unappealing and lack characteristics that don’t make sense with the recipe?

The judges will be looking for the overall taste of the cocktail. Does the cocktail distinguish itself from other cocktails and is the taste appealing to the palate? Is the taste experience pleasurable and entice the senses as it is enjoyed by the tongue? Is the cocktail well balanced?

General Impression:
The judges will be looking for the overall impression of the cocktail as a whole. Is the cocktail pleasurable overall and does it leave the senses as memorable in a positive way? Would you order another one?

Bartending Skills:
The judges will be looking for the overall and technical skills of the bartender. Are they clean and precise or sloppy and sporadic? Are they in control of their tools?

Classic/Riff Heritage:
The judges will be looking for how true to the recipe the bartender’s cocktail is? The bartender may choose to deviate from the original recipe and may score lower in this category but may score higher in other categories with their cocktail. It is all strategy.

Download the Shaken judges score sheets

Shaken Round 1

Shaken Round 2

Shaken Round 3